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Participation Conditions and Joining Procedure

Legal entities, business activities of which include provision of ICT-based services connected with operations with OTC financial instruments on the international foreign exchange (Forex) market and other markets, may apply for membership in the Association.

Such business activities of legal entities may include:

  • Provision of individuals’ and legal entities’ operations on the Forex market (“Forex companies”)
  • Engaging clients for Forex companies in order to receive remuneration from them for operations of such clients, but without a right to keep accounts of such clients, to receive any kind of cash or other type of security to them and to conduct any kind of operations on their behalf on the Forex market, but not limited to it (“Representatives of Forex companies”)
  • Development and maintenance of software required for operations on the Forex market (“Software providers”)
  • Collection and provision of financial data, news and other information used for operations on the Forex market (“Information Providers”).

Association member candidates should comply with the rules and requirements of the Association’s Statute, with legislative and regulatory acts of Ukraine, with additional requirements to securing civil liabilities as well as with other obligatory rules contained in the Association’s documents.

Legal entities wishing to join the Association should submit the following documents to the Association’s Board:

  1. Written Application containing legal entity’s consent to its compliance with the Association’s Statute, with additional requirements to the order of guaranteeing material liabilities as well as with standards and rules contained in Association’s internal documents
  2. Brief description of the Applicant company, its founders, history, major business activities and their specifics
  3. A copy of a decision (protocol) of the legal entity’s plenipotentiary governing body with the applicant company seal affixed
  4. A written LoA to applicant company’s representative(-s) for taking actions connected with joining the Associattion as well as for a right to represent it at the Association’s General Assembly certified by the applicant legal entity’s director.
  5. A copy of the passport of the authorized representative(-s)
  6. Copy of the applicant company’s Statute bound and signed by the company’s director.
  7. A copy of a decision (protocol) of the plenipotentiary governing body of the applicant company on election of the sole executive body
  8. A copy of the order on appointing the sole executive body
  9. A copy of the state registration certificate or a copy of the abstract from the Single State Register of Legal Bodies and Natural Persons – Entrepreneurs, valid on the application date (for Ukrainian companies)
  10. A copy of the certificate of tax registration, if available
  11. Original or the notarized copy of the Abstract from the State Enterprise Register of Ukraine (for Ukrainian companies)/ from a state register of legal entities (for foreign companies)
  12. Document confirming payment of the entrance fee to the Association’s bank account.

In case the information submitted to the Association is insufficient to determine applicant company’s compliance with requirements to Association members, the Association’s Board can make a decision on holding an additional personal interview with authorized representatives of the applicant company.